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How To Flash Firmware SPD Use Research Downloader

There are two available tools for flashing .pac file to Android device and mostly a Spreadtrum chipset, first is Research Download Tool and the other one is Upgrade Download Tool. These tools allow you to flash .pac firmware but it is important to know how to use it.  In this guide, I am going to show you step by step how to properly use SPD  Download Tool / SPD Upgrade Tool.

Tools To Perform Flash:
Desktop with Windows operating system (preferably Windows 7)
.pac file to flash (firmware of your device)
How to Use Research Download Tool / Upgrade Download Tool
  1. Extract all the files and place it in one folder somewhere on your desktop.
  2. First, you must install the Spreadtrum drivers. Right-click SprdNpiDriverInstall.exe and choose to run as Administrator. If you are using Windows 8/10, you must disable the driver signature to install the unsigned driver.
  3. Open Research Download folder and run ResearchDownload.exe.
  4. Now you are going to load the packet file or .pac file. Click the first gear icon and locate the .pac file.
    How to Using Research Downloader.exe
    How to Flash via Research Downloader.exe
  5. After you’ve chosen the Pac. file. You should see something similar to the image below.
    How to Flash Using Research Downloader
  6. If you want to change flash settings. Click the second gear icon. But I recommend leaving the settings to default.
    How to Flash Using Research Downloader.exe
  7. Now click the arrow to begin flashing. See the image below.
    How to Flash Using Research Downloader.exe
  8. When you’re done clicking the arrow, turn off your Android phone and wait for at least 15 seconds. Grab the USB cable, hold volume down and plug your device into the computer. The process should start automatically. You can now release the volume button.
  9. Once flashing is complete, you'll see Passed 
    How to Flash Using Research Downloader.exe
  10. Click on the Stop downloading icon then disconnect the phone from PC and boot
If you encountered any problem, feel free to ask just leave a comment and I will answer it as soon as I can. If you find this blog helpful please share it with your friends and don’t forget to follow us on Google+ to get the latest updates.
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Cara Flash Asus Semua Model Menggunakan ABD Tool

Jumpa Lagi Bersama Kami Di,Pada Kesempatan Kali Ini Kami Akan Share Tentang Cara Flash File Firmware Asus Via Adb ,Yang Mana Pada Kesempatan Sebelumnya Kita Sudah Bahas Tentang Cara Flash File Firmware Asus Zenfone Go X014D.

Flashing Adalah Salahsatu Upaya Memperbaiki Kesalahan Pada Sistem Software Pada Suatu Perangkat Disini Khususnya Adalah Asus  ,Selain Itu Juga Flashing Dapat Mengatasi Bootloop,Lupa Pola Bahkan  Matot/Mati total dll..

Bahan Flashing :
Flashing Akan Menghapus Sebagian Data Yang Ada Di Memori Internal,Sebaiknya Backup Data Yang Menurut Anda Penting Seperti : Kontak,Foto,Vidoe dll...
Cara Flash Firmware Via ADB:
  1. Download Firmware Kemudian Ganti Nama File Firmware Menjadi  User.Zip Agar Nanti Mudah Dalam Proses 
  2. Lalu Pindahkan Firmware Kedalam Folder Dimana Folder ADB Fastboot Berada 
  3. Selanjutnya Instal Usb Driver 
  4. Kemudian Dalam Folder ADB Fastboot Tekan Shift Pada Keyboard PC Anda Lalu Klik Kanan Mouse Lalu Pilih Open Command Window Here Maka Akan Muncul CMD 
    Flash  Asus Semua Model Menggunakan ABD Tool
  5. Dalam CMD Ketikkan Adb Devices Jika Driver Sudah Terinstal Maka  Akan Terdeteksi. 
  6. Kemudian Ketikkan Adb Sideload User.Zip ( User.Zip Adalah Nama Firmware Yang Sudah Di Ganti Namanya ) 
    Cara Flash Model Menggunakan ABD
  7. Jika Proses Berlangsung Maka Akan Seperti Gambar Berikut  
  8. Setelah Proses Selesai Maka Asus Akan Kembali Ke Mode Recovery
  9. Kemudian Pilih Reboot System Now
  10. Tunggu Hingga Proses Booting Selesai,Biasanya Agak Lama Jadi Di Tunggu Saja Hingga Booting Selesai dan Perangkat Anda Dapat Digunakan
  11. Setelah Selesai Anda Harus Mengatur Ulang Seperti Bahasa,Waktu,Tampilan dll...
Demikian Adalah Cara Flash Firmware Asus Menggunakan ADB ,Semoga Bermanfaat,Jika Anda Mengalami Kendala Silahkan Tanyaka Kepada Kami Melalui Kolom Komentar Atau Bisa Langsung Via Kontak Form
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How To Flash Use Miracle Box Full Crack

This article will help anyone who want to flash Android phones without box. This tip is applied to all MTK Android devices. Miracle box used as alternative of SP flash tool. Miracle box help to flash those Android Phones that did not flashed or detected by SP Flash tool. Some technicians prefer Miracle Box than SP Flash tool because it process many Android devices than others. Unlike SP Flash tool, Miracle box does not need internet connection.
 Miracle Box Full Crack

Miracle Box helps you flash Mediatek firmware files and stock ROMs which are in .BIN extension or format. Miracle Box has an edge over Piranha Box, which is its capability to flash firmware packages over many other Chipsets and phone brands.

In this guide you will learn in easy step-by-step approach, how to flash BIN firmware packages with Miracle Box.

  • Miracle Box v2.27a -  
  • Mediatek VCOM USB Drivers -
  • Mediatek Phone
  • USB Cable
  • Firmware 

MTK Drivers or Miracle driver installation tool
These drivers are very important because they act as coordination between phone and computer as well facilitate flashing process. You may download MTK Drivers and VCom Drivers download Miracle driver installation tool. I recommend you to use Miracle Driver installation tool because it contains all necessary drivers needed for flashing.

USB cable
Make sure that you use stable USB cable during flashing. If you use damaged one then your may dead or unbrick after flashing.

Stock ROM
Download latest Stock ROM in according with your phone brand and version. Using different ROM may lead your to unbrick or fail to start or black or white start screen error. Make sure you download stock ROM from trusted sites like needroom and others.

Android phone
Make sure your phone is MTK android devices. This tip is applied to all android smart phones using MTK chipset.

How to Flash MTK Android Devices Using Miracle Box with Stock ROM Firmware
  • Download Miracle Box from the Download Section below this guide.
  • Extract the Miracle Box zip file into a folder on your PC.
  • Locate Miracle loader.exe from within the Miracle Box folder and double click it to launch the Miracle loader.exe (preferably, launch it as administrator).
  • Wait till Miracle Box opens and the Dashboard is fully loaded.
  • Click the MTK Tab and then, tickets Write. 
  • Select the phone’s chipset from the dropdown menu e.g MTXXX
    How To Flash Use Miracle Box

  • Click the folder icon visible to you.
    How To Flash Use Miracle

  • In the window that pops up, browse or navigate to the folder where you have the stock ROM firmware for the MTK Android device you wish to Flash and select the firmware for the phone model. It should be in .bin format and then click Open it.
    Flashing Use Miracle Box Full Crack

  • Click the Start button
    How To Using Miracle Box Full Crack

  • Switch off the phone (with a charged battery inside it) then connect it to the PC via USB cord. Miracle Box should detect the phone almost immediately.
  • Miracle box should begin flashing the firmware, wait till it gets to 100%.
  • Once it gets to 100%, close Miracle box and disconnect the phone.
By now, you have successfully flashed stock ROM firmware on your MTK Android device using Miracle Box
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How To Flash Use SP Flash Tool

Are you using an Android smartphone or tablet? If yes are you searching for a simple way to flash stock or custom ROM on your device? If yes is your answer again, then you are in the right place. Here we have given a step by step tutorial to flash stock ROM firmware using SP Flash tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool).

Prerequisites :

      USB Cable
      Make sure you have stable USB cable without any damage. USB Cable will be used as coordination between PC and phone. USB cable make phone easily detected from PC, erase and Transfer files between PC and phone. Using damaged or lose USB cable could make flashing process become harder and incomplete.
          MTK Drivers/ MT65XX VCOM Drivers or Universal one
          These Drivers make easy for SP Flash tool to upload/ delete and Overwrite Rom on flashing phone. No any activity could be easy or detected or done if you forget to download these Drivers and locate to SP Flash Tool.
              SP Flash Tools
              These are the main programs used to process all activity between connection of Phone and Computer as well erase, upload, and Overwrites Stock Rom Firmware during Flashing. There are Two kind of these Tolls,” “One which use Internet Connection and other which operate without Internet Connection”, but many likes to use the one which use Internet connection. The tool on below steps use work with internet connection.
                  Stock Rom Firmware
                  This is operating system of all phones but it differs on specs depending version of phone. It is important to Download Stock Rom with exact phone Brand, version with all details. Using different Stock ROM may lead to brick of your phone or fail to lunch or shows error screen after Flashing. Tecno phones may vary depending on country marketed as well brand, most important thing that you should examine before choosing tools.

                  Tutorial To Flash Stock ROM Firmware Using SP Flash Tool:
                  1. To get started, download SP flash tool compressed file (Smart Phone Flash Tool) and extract it on your computer.
                  2. Next, download stock ROM firmware file of your Android device and extract it to a folder on your computer. You will find the Android scatter file after extracting.
                  3. Now switch off your Android smartphone or tablet and remove the battery from the device (if it is removable).
                  4. Next, go to the extracted folder in Step 1 and click “Flash_tool.exe” to launch SP flash tool.
                  5. Next, in the download tab click on “scatter-loading” button.Now click on “Open Scatter File MT65XX ” and choose the scatter file from Step 2.
                    How To Flash Use SP Flash Tool
                  6. Next, click on the “Download” button to launch the firmware flashing process.
                    How To Flash Use SP Flash Tool
                  7. Now connect your Android device to the computer using the original USB data cable while pressing Volume up or Volume down button
                  8. The firmware flashing process will start immediately, and it will take a minute or two to get completed. Once the flashing process is finished, you will see the “Download OK” green ring in Smart Phone Flash Tool..
                    How To Flash Use SP Flash Tool
                  9. Now close the SP Flash tool Window and unplug your Android smartphone or tablet from the computer.
                  That’s it. Now you have successfully flashed stock ROM firmware on your Android device using SP flash tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool).If you face any issues while following this flashing tutorial, do let me know via comments.while following this flashing tutorial, do let me know via comments.
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                  Sp Flashtool Last Version

                  Download Sp Flashtool
                  Flashtool Ini Dapat Anda Gunakan Untuk Proses Flashing Model Android Chipset MTK,

                  Sp Flashtool Last Version
                  Sp Flashtool Last Version

                  Download Sp Flashtool V.5.1604
                  Download Sp Flashtool v.5.1408

                  Cara Menggunakan Flashtool :
                  * Download Firmware Kemudian Ekstrak
                  * Selanjutnya Instal Usb Driver
                  * Kemudian Buka dan Jalankan Flashtool,Pada Scatter Load Klik dan Masukkan Firmware
                  * Selanjutnya Klik Download Pada Flashtool,Pastikan Semua Tercentang
                  * Hubungkan Smartphone Ke PC Menggunakan Kabel USB,Pastikan Driver Sudah Terinstal Agar
                  * Smartphone Terdeteksi
                  * Proses Flashing Berjalan Tunggu Hingga Proses Flashing Selesai.

                  Selengkapnya Cara Menggunakan Flashtool Lengkap Dengan Gambar.
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